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Essex at War
Wednesday 29 May - Sunday 30 June

Join us at Jaywick Martello Tower where we will be hosting not one but TWO exhibitions on World War One to celebrate the one hundred year anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles (28 June 1919) which marked the official end of WW1. In this special exhibition we will be displaying the Essex Records Office World War One exhibition as well as reshowing exhibition elements from the Friends of Jaywick Martello Tower From Trenches to Tendring exhibition.


Creative Net 2018 

Creative workshops for adults run on the first Wednesday of every month.

Wednesday 10 January – Cardboard Sculptures
Wednesday 07 February - Dig4 Jaywick Community Mosaic
Wednesday 07 March - Chinese Dumpling Making
Wednesday 04 April - Stained Glass Style Panels
Wednesday 02 May - May Day Garlands
Wednesday 06 June - Fluidic Acrylics 
Wednesday 04 July - Collage and drawing
Wednesday 01 August - Collaged postcards
Wednesday 05 September - Cyanotype Prints
Wednesday 03 October - Sugar Skull Patches
Wednesday 07 November - Lanterns
Wednesday 05 December - Watercolours with Days Like These Project


Halloween at the Witches Tower
Wednesday 31 October

A free drop in event where we celebrated Halloween with arts, crafts and spooky games.


Spooky Skeletons Workshop
Saturday 20 October

Alison Stockmarr was here for this free half term workshop upcycing plastic milk bottles to make jointed skeletons and making masks to spook everyone this Halloween season.





















Autumn Talks


Friday 28 September - The Mercury Voices Project
Friday 05 October - Addrian Hutson "Sic Est Faciendum (That's the way to do it"  
Friday 12 October - Roger Kennell "Clacton Theatre and Memories"
Friday 19 October - Norman Jacobs "Clacton Band Pavilion" 
Friday 26 October - Katharine Cockin "Suffragettes on Stage"


Coastal Open 2018
Thursday 20 September - Sunday 28 October

Our Ninth Annual Coastal Open celebrated local artists and their artwork with dispays of their painting, photography, sewing and ceramics as part of Essex Summer of Art.


Resorting to the Coast Exhibition
Wednesday 5 September - Sunday 16 September

Tendring's coastal resorts played a key role in the establishment of the nostalgic 'British Seaside Holiday' since they became popular in the late Victorian Era. This exhibition explored Tendring's unique seaside heritage focusing on Jaywick Sands, Clacton-on-Sea, Frinton-on-Sea, Walton-on-the-Naze, and Harwich and Dovercourt.


The Marvellous Museum of Coastal Curiosities
Friday 24 August and Sunday 2 September

Resorting to the Coast were back at the Tower with their Marvellous Museum of Coastal Curiosities! The secret stories of our seaside were revealled with this fun, fantastic and free event where we were delighted with Victorian entertainment all day!




Children’s Summer C-Net 2018 

Children's summer creative workshops with Nicola Burrell.

Tuesday 31 July - Fantasy Beach Huts
Tuesday 7 August - Under the Sea scenes
Tuesday 14 August - Coastal Paintings
Tuesday 21 August - Cardboard Sculptures
Tuesday 28 August - Recycled Plastic Creatures

Family Drop in Workshops

Saturday 4 August - We were joined by artist Kate Genever with this drawing workshop that was based around her installation at the Tower.
Saturday 11 August - For this workshop, families learned the traditional art of flower making with the Chinese Culture Society!


Dig4 Jaywick Community Garden Open Day
Wednesday 25 July
The Dig4 Jaywick Community Garden was open to everyone for their Annual Open Day. It was a chance to view the progress made in the garden and to find out about their plans for the coming year! The Jaywick Martello Tower Team was at the garden and ran an arts and crafts event with Vicky of Mae Kandoo.


Jaywick Summer Fayre
Saturday 28 July

The Jaywick Summer Fayre Committee presented this family fun day which included entertainment, traditional games, BBQ plus much more! There was also a fancy dress ran a bottle stall. 



We Must Do Battle Where We Are Standing 
Wednesday 27 June – Sunday 2 September

Kate is trying to make work about big things, big issues, but sometimes they are too big and overwhelm her, so instead she has been focusing on the small acts, the quiet improvisations made by communities that reveal coping mechanisms and acts of resistance. This installation shared some of Kate’s findings relating to Jaywick and the community who live here and encouraged us to consider man's ingenuity in the face of change.

Projection: Saturday 1 September
As part of her exhibition Kate Genever projected a large-scale projection on the outside of Jaywick Martello Tower. Featuring texts developed from her time in Jaywick Sands.



Spy from the Tower out to Sea
Saturday 2 June

Inspired by our Cold War exhibition we were joined by artist Alison Stockmarr and designed our own personalised telescope or binoculars.


Camera Obscura
Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May

During the Bank Holiday Weekend our roof room as turned into a Camera Obscura! Visitors had the opportunity to see what it is like to be inside a camera, learn how renaissance painters discovered perspective, and how Fox Talbot created photography, with Artist Alan Hockett.


Plastic Pollution - Shoreline to Storyline
Sunday 20 May

As a way to encourage awareness over the damages caused by plastic pollution on our beaches, local artist and writer Wendy Constance was here to give a short presentation and workshop centred around creating art from cleaned beach litter. This took place after a Jaywick Sands beach clean connected with the Marine Conservation Society.







Jiangsu Performing Arts Puppet Troupe

Saturday 19 May

To celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle we were joined by the Colchester Chinese Culture Society for an afternoon of music, puppetry, food and stalls exploring Chinese Culture.
This was the first UK show by Jiangsu Performing Arts Puppet Troupe and their lively, graceful, and funny style was enchanting for all who watched.
This event was supported by China Arts Foundation, Essex Community Foundation Chairman's Fund and the Guangxi UK General Business Association. Additional music funding came from Essex Music Education Hub supported by Arts Council England.


Cold War 1945 - 1989   
Wednesday 9 May - Sunday 24 June

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, this exhibition by Epping Forest District Museum explores one of the most important ideological and political conflicts of the twentieth century. From the Korean War to the Space Race, this exhibition tells the story of the tense struggle between communism and democracy and its effect on the world.



Easter Family Drop in Workshop
Saturday 14 April - Message in a Bottle
Alison Stockmarr was here to help create aged treasure maps and rescue letters from a desert island to seal up in ye oldie bottle.

Easter C-Net

Tuesday 3 April - Spring Bunting and Flag Workshop

For this workshop we celebrated Spring by making paper bunting and flags with Alison Stockmarr.




The Storyteller and the Monsters
Monday 2 April

Local Storyteller Jan williams was here reading a story from her new children's book 'Essex Folk tales for Children". Participants even had a chance to create and share thier own monsters.









Essex Book Festival Finale
Saturday 31 March

The finale of the Essex Book Festival this year was held at Jaywick Martello Tower where there was a interactive exhibition and fun activities all day. This included origami crane folding, community muraks, bunting making, storytelling and a beach themed writing workshop.

The finale ended with Bof! Music, Dance and Soup.


Spring Talks 2018
Friday 9 March, 11am - A Light Hearted History of Tea

Friday 16 March, 11am - Essex Murders

Friday 23 March, 11am - Caring for Animals at Colchester Zoo

(Postponed) Friday 4 May, 11am - Three Years in the Mud: New archaeological Discoveries in the Blackwater estuary



Work in Progress; Paintings Past to Present
Wednesday 3 March - Sunday 6 May

The first exhibition of the 2018 programme was an exhibition of artwork by local artist Carol Dawson. 

The exhibition was a series of seascapes, wildlife imagery, farming scenes, and portraits painted in a realist fashion that takes inspiration from historic photos and the nature and communities of Coastal areas. The exhibition inspires a sense of nostalgia in viewers and will even include portraits of people who live locally.


Coastal Open – part of Essex Summer of Art 
14 September – 29 October 2017

The Eighth annual Coastal Open is a celebration of local artists, giving a chance to showcase their talents in arts and crafts. Work usually includes ceramics, photography, textiles, painting plus much more. Part of Essex Summer of Art.





Resorting to the Coast
31 August 2017

The Seaside Entertainment Spectacular was a part of the Resorting to the Coast/ Tendring Coastal Heritage Group project. Partnered with the Grand Theatre of Lemmings the day involved a series of talks, walks, comedy, magic and music showcasing the history of seaside entertainment.




Maritime Memories Machine 
10 August & 12 August 2017

During the summer the National Maritime Museums Maritime Memories Machine was at the Tower collecting memories of the sea and what it means to you. The memories and stories then became part of the national museum collection.



Children’s Summer C-Net 2017 

Childrens summer creative workshops.

1 August – Black and White Photography (Part 1)
8 August – Black and White Photography (Part 2)
15 August – Cyanatype Prints
22 August – Introduction to Animation
29 August – Anothotype Prints



Dig4Jaywick Open Day
26 July 2017

An open day event for the Jaywick community garden where visitors participated in various workshops on Bee Keeping, Crafts, and Writing, as well as a demonstration about Herbal Balms and a Free BBQ.


Jaywick Summer Fayre 
22 July 2017

The Tenth anniversary of the Jaywick Summer Fayre!

The Jaywick Summer Fayre is a celebration of culture in the community. With traditional fayre games, a BBQ, homemade cakes, and live music and entertainment all day it’s sure to be an event that’s not to be missed.


Peripheral Edgelands
12 July – 10 September 2017

Alan Hockett explores the edges of habitation of the Essex Landscape. These areas have multiple uses from out of town shopping to industrial sites to wasteland, but once the shops close, factories stop work, they become a stage for street racing, or cruising for teenagers. Desire paths created by urban landscaping not fitting the actual journey of the people that use it, creating a discourse between the design and its actual use.


Adrian May’s Discovering England
17 June 2017

A wry look at England and Englishness from a creative left-wing viewpoint. In the songs and poems of his new book and album, Adrian May takes a wry look at the vexed questions of English identity. Ranging from the comic to the poignant, where 'Nobody hates the English as much as they hate themselves', the songs deal with irony, eccentricity and rebel heroes like John Ball, the leader of the Peasants' Revolt of 1381. The approach is progressive and inclusive.



17 May – 9 July 2017

The winning photographs from the #InstaEssex photography competition were displayed at the Tower. Photographers (amateurs and professionals) submitted images to the competition, sharing their ideas of what Essex culture means to them.



Jaywick Sands 
26 April – 14 May 2017

Exhibition of Jaywick Local History Society photographic archive. Jaywick is a fascinating village with an interesting 90 year history. Originally conceived as an upmarket holiday village in the 1920s where people would drive from London on a Friday evening, enjoying golf, tennis, swimming, putting and dancing and then drive back refreshed and ready for work.


Easter Workshops 2017 

Childrens workshops running in the holidays.

1 April – Botanical Printmaking
4 April – Cast Plaster Wonder Weeds!
8 April - Hapa Zome - The Art of Flower and Leaf Pounding
11 April – Wet-in-Wet Jaywick Weed Watercolours





Weeds - Undervalued Plants of Jaywick
4 March – 23 April 2017

Often described as ‘a plant in the wrong place’, weeds are much undervalued, sometimes considered ugly, and generally unloved. Yet for all the negative press weeds receive, they can prove to be highly useful and have medicinal properties. Weeds are also recipients of common names that vary from community to community. Lotus corniculatus, for example, has also been given names such as Eggs and Bacon, Devil’s Fingers, Ground Honey Suckle, and Grandma’s Toes. These names reflect the different ways we look at weeds.

For her exhibition at Jaywick Martello Tower, artist Hannah Stageman researched the weeds that live around the tower. Selecting ten weeds in particular, she canvassed the public in order to discover the common names they knew the weeds by. She has reproduced the weeds as prints with the size of each edition being determined by the number of names collected. In this way she invites us to reconsider our community’s relation with these undervalued plants and see them under a whole new light.


Spring Talks 2017 

Friday 3 March - Aromatherapy - The Herbals.
Friday 10 March - Colne Point.
Friday 17 March - Dig4Jaywick Community Garden.
Friday 24 March - You Are Hear in Jaywick: sound and a sense of place.
Friday 31 March - The Maltsters Tale: Mastery of Water Wind and Fire.



Creative Net 2017

Monthly adult creative workshops.

Wednesday 11 January - Decoupage
Wednesday 1 February – Decorating Glass
Wednesday 1 March - Print Making with Hannah Stageman
Wednesday 5 April - An Introduction to Needle Felting
Wednesday 7 June - Printed Fabric Workshop
Wednesday 5 July – Fluidic Acrylics
Wednesday 2 August – Jewellery Making
Wednesday 6 September – Anthotype Prints
Wednesday 4 October – Ceramic Painting
Wednesday 1 November – Transfert-Colle
Wednesday 6 December – Christmas Decorations


Stronger Voices
5 November and 6 November 2016

A community exhibition that aims to make Chinese art and culture accessible to all. Develop a positive identity of Chinese culture in Essex, creating opportunities for cultural exchange and learning whilst developing creative and transferable life skills. The exhibition also commemorations the overseas Chinese in Britain on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Mr. Sun Yat-Sen’s birth.

The exhibition is funded by Essex County Council, Cultural Development, Small Grants Scheme.




Autumn Talks 2016 

30 September - Aromatherapy - Lavender and Eucalyptus, they may surprise you!
7 October – The Life and Art of Sir Alfred Munnings
14 October - The Invasion of Jaywick
 21 October - Words from the Edge and other Drosscapes.
28 October – Only a Button?




Coastal Open – part of Essex Summer of Art 
9 September – 31 October 2016

The seventh annual Coastal Open is a celebration of local artists and groups, giving a chance to showcase their talents in arts and crafts. Work included ceramics, photography, textiles, painting plus much more. The Coastal Open is an associate event of the Essex Summer of Art.




Shakespeare by the Sea
6 August and 7 August 2016

In the year which marked 400 years since the death of The Bard, these two days of events were inspired by Shakespeare's plays, poetry and songs. Events included a drop in music workshop where you could join in with the performers and a live performance.


Children’s Summer C-Net Workshops 2016 

This summer, C-Net went on a round-the-world trip by exploring art and craft forms from other countries.

2 August - Aboriginal Art Tee Shirts (Australia)
9 August - Indian Rangoli Art (India)
16 August - Malaysian Batik Box Canvas (Malaysia)
23 August - African Safari Wall Hanging (Africa)
30 August - Make a fun & funky Glove Monkey (China)


Jaywick Summer Fayre 
30 July 2016

The Jaywick Summer Fayre Committee presents the ninth annual fayre. This family fun day includes entertainment, face painting, traditional games, BBQ plus much more.


Johnny Foreigner 
6 July – 4 September 2016

“A new place, or a new soil, a new culture and a new beginning.”

Based on her experiences of moving East to West, artist Lata Upadhyaya explores how we always take a bit of our own culture, individuality, and belongings wherever we travel. No one wants to completely leave behind their identities, but we have to find a way to renegotiate and make sense of our identities within a new culture and context.

Upadhyaya’s Johnny Foreigner is an exhibition comprised of objects, symbols, images, material, memories, and treasures that evoke personal stories. These objects are carefully placed into clear suitcases, symbolically ‘packing’ unique identities into a small number of items. These suitcases represent the motion of the journey, the indefinite significance that these journeys continue to have on our lives, and are presented as a sculptural installation at Jaywick Martello Tower as a meditation upon the experience of migration.


Taking the Tower 2016 
14 May and 15 May

Travel back to 1809 as the 95th Rifles and other Napoleonic regiments set up camp around the Martello Tower in preparation for a French assault.




From the Trenches to Tendring: Personal Snapshots of the First World War 
11 May – 3 July 2016

In 2015, the From the Trenches to Tendring project began work collecting First World War correspondence held in private collections across the Tendring area of Essex. These family collections also revealed souvenirs of the time, such as embroidered handkerchiefs and cards, and personal items such as bibles, diaries, and a cigarette case that all made their way back to Tendring during or at the end of the war.

The exhibition also includes a creative response of the collection from local community groups, schools, songwriter Tracie Fox and artist Alison Stockmarr.


Signals Short Film Festival
20 April – 1 May 2016

This mini festival will showcase a variety of talents from filmmakers. These twelve films were all made with children and young people in Essex and will be projected upon the walls within this Napoleonic fort (except during events).

Signals Media Arts Centre - Based in Colchester Signals uses digital media for learning, creativity and to improve lives. The organisation works mostly with children and young people.


Spring Talks 2016 

Friday 15 April - Manningtree Witch Trials
Friday 22 April - The Stomach for Fighting: Food and the Soldiers of the Great War
Friday 29 April - The People's Photographer
Friday 6 May - Trenches to Tendring
Friday 13 May - Four years, three months and one week: the First World War diaries of a Suffolk farmer's wife.


Witch Hunt 
5 March – 18 March 2016

The Epping Forest District Museum and Renaissance in the Regions present an exhibition on the East Anglian Witch Hunt of 1645-7.

With her broomstick, pointed hat and black cat, the witch is one of the most iconic and infamous characters from fairytale, folklore and fiction. She attracts us even as she frightens us. Yet behind this image lies a true story of paranoia and persecution, one that led to the execution of some 50,000 European people – men as well as women – between 1500 and 1800.

Although England experienced several hundred witch-trials in this period, it endured only one major witch-hunt worthy of the name. This took place in East Anglia in 1645–7, at the height of the political and social unrest caused by the English Civil War.


Creative Net 2016 

Monthly creative workshops for adults.

Wednesday 2 March – Wire Sculpture
Wednesday 6 April – Knitting for Beginners
Wednesday 2 August – Crochet Basics
Wednesday 5 October – Wire Sculpture


Autumn Talks 2015 

Friday 25 September Clacton Fire Brigade; war years & beyond by Vic Miller
Friday 2 October - The History of the Red Cross by Rosemary Estherby
Friday 9 October - Crossrail Archaeology Project by Jay Carver
Friday 23 October - Zeppelins Over Essex by Peter Jones
Friday 31 October - The Great War in East Anglian Fiction by Jeff Taylor


Tower’s Tenth 
19 September 2015

The Tower’s Tenth anniversary celebrations!

In September 2005 Jaywick Martello Tower opened its doors to the public for the first time and to celebrate we held a fun-filled community festival.

There were activities for the whole family to enjoy: live music, performing art, storytelling, face painting, creative activities, food and drink.

Joined by The Grand Theatre of Lemmings, the Knowledge Emporium, Essex Cultural Diversity Project and the launch of the Jaywick for Happiness trail it was a spectacular event of celebration.





Coastal Open - part of Essex Summer of Art

September - October 2015

The sixth annual Coastal Open is a celebration of local artists and groups, giving a chance to showcase their talents in arts and crafts. Work included ceramics, photography, textiles, painting plus much more.

Over 80 artworks were exhibited from over 30 individual artists and groups displayed their work with artist ageing from 8 to 80's

An associate event of Essex Summer of Art.



History of Jazz in Essex

August 2015

A history of Jazz in Essex? You better believe it.....!

The popular touring exhibition featured over 60 profiles of musicians, venues, promoters and DJ's; all of whom, over the years, have helped turn Essex into one of the premier counties for Jazz in the UK!





TTTThe Napoleonic Home Front

July 2015

To commemorate the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, The Napoleonic Home Front exhibition was revisited.

In the early 1800s Britain was fearful of attack from France. The Napoleonic Home Front tells the story of people's lives under the threat of invasion and the impact of militarisation throughout the Tendring coastal area.

The exhibition is available to hire for free. If you are interested in exhibiting it, please contact the Tower 01255 822783 or


Shelf LifesShelf Lives

May - June 2015

An interactive exhibition by Essex based artist Doug Selway, that binds together exciting and original combinations of paintings with small installations, film and sculpture.

Doug's inspiration was individual memory and how it enlivens our shared history. He is interested in how many meanings are in objects that we share and how many of them remain after we are gone. His hope was to encourage an active audience, who feel able to bring their own memories and responces.







Design for Living

March - April 2015

East Anglian artists Clare Birks and Jaymini Bedia led an artistic campaign to inspire ideas for the regeneration of Jaywick. The artists were stimulated by Tendrings' distinctive sense of place, the wide open skies, its beautiful beaches, the flotsam and jetsam and its relationship with the sea have collaborated with local residents and students in exploring their community and environment.

The community's work wwas shared through an exhibition, emporing residents to become more active participants in their area's future.

In responce to the community's work the artists have created an installation and performance piece offering an exciting new perspective on the regeneration debate.



Coastal Open - part of Essex Summer of Art
September - November 2014
The annual Coastal Open gives local artists a chance to showcase their talents in arts and craft. Each year we exhibit over 30 artists and work varies from driftwood sculptures, textiles, mosaics to photography and painting. If you are interested in exhibiting next year then please keep an eye on the website for details.





 The Great War

The Great War: Home-life and Service during 1914-18

July to August 2014

A Touring Exhibition produced by Epping Forest District Museum and supported by The Arts Council, England on the First World War and its impact on the East of England. Described at the time as ‘the war to end all wars', the enormous loss of life and huge sacrifices made by those fighting overseas and on the home front are explored in this exhibition, focusing on the experiences of people in the Eastern region.






JourneyerJourneyer ~ person who visits a place
May to June 2014
The Journeyer exhibition is a voyage of discovery around Harwich; a town defined by travel, helping those who choose to journey elsewhere. But what of the town itself, what is the story of the people that stay? The arts collective Glassball based themselves in Harwich over 2013, discovering the untold tales of the town and its community. Glassball's research has resulted in a series of audio and visual artworks that creatively reveal Harwich's unique character.


Alan HockettDrawing with Light

March-April 2014

Essex artist Alan Hockett has spent the 2013 walking the Essex coastline, he is fascinated with capturing the remote and isolated areas where the land and sea coexist. Using a pinhole camera to radically re-interpret this landscape in a way reminiscent of the early days of photography. His homemade camera {a baked bean can} distorts the image, creating emotion and tension whilst keeping the essence of the original subject.


For further information on Drawing with Light visit




The Napoleonic Home Front

July - August 2013

In the early 1800s Britain was fearful of attack from France. The Napoleonic Home Front tells the story of people's lives under the threat of invasion and the impact of militarisation throughout the Tendring coastal area.

The exhibition is available to hire for free. If you are interested in exhibiting it, please contact Jaywick Martello Tower on 01255 822783 or


House of MirrorsHouse of Mirrors

May - July 2013

House of Mirrors was a soundscape collaboration project between sculptor Rob Olins and composer Doug Benford. 

The work presented a series of sound pockets which comprised of acoustic mirrors and speakers that were arranged in such a way as to create a sound environment.

As the viewer moved about the space the sound changed and any sound that the viewer makes will also be amplified and directed.  The sound recordings are natural and man-made sounds recorded in Jaywick and Clacton-on-Sea; revealing a sonic snapshot of the coastal location.

The acoustic mirrors are a simple way of amplifying sound. They are based on First World War aircraft early warning technology, which were very accurately constructed to focus sounds from far away to a single point.

House of Mirrors has been exhibited at August Art London, Feb 2012, Mission Gallery Swansea September 2012, Stroud Valley Arts, Brunel Goods Shed, November 2012, Royal British Society of Sculptors, London, January 2013. It will also be on tour to the Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford London during winter 2013.
BSABritish Social Athlete
March - April 2013
A British Social Athlete is the undiscovered, physically unprepared everyday person in the street. Artist Mel Donohoe is a British Social Athlete and undertook a journey, as the crow flies, across the varied terrain of the East of England to deliver a message from Jaywick to the heart of London 2012. The exhibition sits between a document and an event, a grounding of what happened, when, how and why.

During 2012 Mel Donohoe met with residents and visitors of Jaywick and asked them to tell her what they would like to say. She shortlisted a collection of over 300 messages to just three, with the help of the people she met but now she could only deliver only one message... Team BSA was at the Jaywick Summer Fayre last July, where anyone who attended could vote for the message they would prefer to be sent to London. The winning message was revealed and Team BSA was off! Over seven days Mel Donohoe went the distance from Jaywick to London by bicycle, boat and on foot making 11 pit stops along the way and leaving traces of the message in her wake. She arrived in East London on the afternoon of 21 July 2012, where she delivered the message loud and clear. A film by Signals Media Centre of the journey will feature as part of the exhibition.

British Social Athlete is a project by Mel Donohoe as part of Live Art Collective East inspired by the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.
It was supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Escalator Live Art.
Produced by Arts Admin.
Film by Signals Media Centre.

Jaywick Martello Tower Coastal Open
September - October 2012

The mixture of unique architecture and stunning coastline has inspired artists, creating an active arts scene. The third year of the Coastal Open was a huge success giving 30 local artists a chance to display their talents in art and crafts in the unusual location of a Martello Tower.




July and August 2012

A seaside collection of the lost and found ….

Beached was an exhibition of thousands of plastic pieces collected by the artist Fran Crowe whilst walking on the beaches of East Anglia which had been shaped into a site-specific installation.
Sometimes playful but at the same time deadly serious, her practice frequently draws attention to how we foul our own nest, in particular through our use of plastics and their impact on our oceans and coastline. Fran is passionate about the East Anglia coast where she lives and her artwork is rooted in this sense of place and her experiences of it.
Beached was created from just some of the 46000 pieces of plastic litter that she collected whilst walking on East Anglian beaches whilst trying to ‘save’ one square mile of sea.

More of Fran’s finds - and findings - can be found on her website



C-Net Summer Creative Camp 2012
July and August 2012
The young participants creatived an animation inspired by Fran Crowe's exhibition Beached. The group designed faces made from litter collect off the beach and animated them to say what they felt about their beach and litter.
The film will soon be available to view online.
Beached is an exhibition of thousands of plastic pieces collected by the artist Fran Crowe whilst walking on the beaches of East Anglia which have been shaped into a site-specific installation.
Jaywick Summer Fayre and Jaylympics

Saturday 14th July 2012

Held at Golf Green Hall and Crossways Park, Jaywick, CO15 2RH

Regardless of the rain the Jaywick Summer Fayre was a family fun day which included lots of carnival games, free activities, and dance and sport demonstrations. The local community donated lots of homemade cakes to help raise money for local groups. Local music ensemble TRAXZ wowed visitors with their contemporary classics.

The Jaylympics is a free and family fun event which invited people of all ages to come and try a sporting activity. All ages and abilities were welcomed. The Jaylympics was organised by Coastnet and the Jaywick Summer Fayre committee. 



TRAXZ logo 

Traxz at the Tower
Friday 8 June 2012

An evening of contemporary classics with local music ensemble Traxz. Many came and enjoyed the incredible acoustic quality inside Tendring's most unusual music venue - with curved walls, historical architecture and creative exhibition space it will was an unforgettable evening!





HigginsMagic Eye Workshop


Saturday 2 June 2012

A walk in Camera Obscura was stationed outside the Tower, whilst other historical optical instruments were presented inside. In addition inside there was a free popular 'Make a Thaumatrope' workshop. Thaumatropes were the first of many optical toys. Visitors of all ages coloured, strung up, played with and then took home their very own Thaumatrope.


Objects were presented by costumed interpreters, for more information visit



Taking the Tower

Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 May 2012

The 95th Rifles Re-enactment Society and associated regiments returned to Jaywick Martello Tower to stage another living history weekend. The Rifles and their associated regiments arrived on the Friday from all over the county and set up their authentic Napoleonic period style camp. 

On Saturday the scene was set to take Jaywick back in time to 1809 when Napoleon's naval and armed forces were gathering at the port of Boulogne in France to begin the crossing to invade this country. Only the Royal Navy were there at the time to stop them by blockading the port with English warships. The English governement feared the worse and instructed their military Generals to arrange for installation of three large cannons on the roofs of all the constructed East Coast Martello Towers including Tower C in Jaywick.
Luckily at the time the English forces successfully blocked the invasion. However at Taking the Tower the 95th Rifles demonstrated just what might have happened in Jaywick if the French forces had landed on English shores.
Many local people joined in the fun and made thier own peg Napoleonic solider inside the Tower.






Napoleon's TelescopeNapoleon's Telescope
May to June 2012
Gina Glover's exhibition Napoleon's Telescope is the newest component of her internationally acclaimed Playgrounds of War series. This series uses pinhole photography, scanograms and stereoscopic installation portraits of Napoleon Bonaparte to throw light on Britain's forgotten military past and how people think of military conflict today. Earlier parts of the series examined abandoned military sites in Britain, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Russia and Lithuania.

Glover used her pinhole camera to depict the Martello Towers on England's Essex Coast. These brick towers, built in the early 1800s to withstand sea-born assault by Napoleon's forces, are observed through a circular black frame. The influence here is Napoleon's famous telescope. Thus we see the Martello Towers as Napoleon might have seen them, albeit with some recent additions to the landscape, such as caravan sites.

The staging of the exhibition of this work at Jaywick Martello Tower was supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England funding.

Objet TrouvesNapoleon's Telescope provides a more playful addition to Playgrounds of War series.

Objets Trouvés

Objet Trouvé means found object.

Discovering artifacts, whether they are old bottles, tools from another era or objects which are unidentifiable has an intrigue and excitement of its own. It makes history and the imagination connect. The relics in this book were found in and around Jaywick Martello Tower during its renovation between 2002 and 2005. Here Glover has placed them under the objective light of a scanner, giving them the aura of museum pieces.

"The objects are currently kept in storage until they can be correctly preserved and displayed. Research has begun to find their direct link with the Tower. It is interesting to find such a variety of objects of the different periods of the Tower's history."
Kerith Ririe, Jaywick Tower Manager

Orlando Gili


At The Water's Edge  
March to April 2012
The series of photographic portraits by Orlando Gili. The images document the people that moved to Jaywick in search of a better life. The town was once a slice of paradise for east Londoners looking to escape the city in the summer, now it is officially England’s most deprived community. There's a lot more to Jaywick than these statistics suggest.
Frances Wilson.Frances Wilson - Essex Book Festival 2012
17 March 2012
Acclaimed biographer Frances Wilson entained the audience with a talk on her latest book 'How to Survive the Titianic or the Sinking of J Bruse Ismay'. She held the attention of the audience with her research on the Titianic and Ismay who came to international attention as the highest-ranking White Star official among the 706 survivors of the Titianic.  
The event was part of the Essex Book Festival.
Creative Net 2011
Throughout 2011 CoastNet’s lead artist Bryony Graham delivered a series of free monthly creative workshops at Jaywick Martello Tower. Participants used different types of art and craft forms including ceramics, photography, poetry and experimental drawing to explore their creative sides. One rule which arose was everyone can be creative!
The fun sessions are attended by a mixture of people with different levels and types of creative experience. They give a great platform to get together and exchange ideas and techniques.
If you would like to attend the 2012 Creative Net sessions then please see the What’s On page for more details or contact Coastnet on 01206 278644 or the C-Net hotline 07506153479 (normal office hours).
Blues at th Tower
Blues at the Tower
18 November 2011
Jaywick Martello Tower was proud to present an evening of Jazz, Smooth Blues and Contemporary Classics by local music ensemble Traxz.
The sell out event was enjoyed by all and as requested Traxz will be back at Jaywick Martello Tower in 2012.

The Big Draw 2011Spooky Drawings at the Tower
29 and 30 October 2011
128 people attended The Big Draw. Spooky spaces were explored with Coastnet at the Tower Tower.
Free and frightening activities happened all weekend and participants of all ages made invisible drawings reappear and drew ghostly galleons from the crows nest.
Part of the Big Draw by The Campaign for Drawing who have one simple aim… to get everyone drawing.
31 October 2011Halloween at the Witches Tower
Monday 31 October 2011
Over 60 ghosts, vampires, witches and other ghastly creatures attended the free Halloween party at the Tower.
Many goulish Halloween games were played such as wrap the mummies and guess the dead soilders last meal.
All that made it out alive received a free bravery certificate and treat.
Autumn Talks
October 2011
The autumn talks kicked off with Rebecca Parry from Colchester Zoo's Action for Wild charity and discussed the history of zoo's and conservation. This exciting talk was followed by Railways to the Seaside, Bringing the Naze Alive For All, Urban Self-Reliance and Travels in Arabia Felix. A big thank you to all of our speakers for their fasinating tales.
Coastal Open 2010 by James McColl SmithThe Jaywick Martello Tower Coastal Open 2011
6 August -30 October 2011
This was the second Coastal Open exhibition showcasing local 43 artists and craft makers. Artwork exhibited ranged from painting, photography, sculpture, textiles, music, handmade paper and even Jewellery made from sea glass.
Artisits gave free workshops and demonstrations every weekend throughout the exhibition
Image on right by James McColl Smith - 2010 Coastal Open.
Greg ChapmanGreg Chapman's Condensed History of Britain
17 September 2011
Greg Chapman's one man tour of the UK. Following the success of this 2010 tour with 'Small Town To Big Apple.' Greg dusted off his history degree to present this new show 'Greg Chapman's History of Britain.'
In this show Greg invited the audience to join him for a look at the history of Britain, but not as they remembered it from history lessons at school! Using comedy magic, music and a couple of new characters, it was a fantastic night of entertainment.
From around 6500-6000 BC when the land bridge that once linked Britain to Europe finally disappeared under the sea for the last time, right up to the present day, Greg took the audience on a whistle stop tour of the major points of history, packing over 8000 years of history into an hour and a half!
Jaywick Summer Fayre
23 July 2011
Held at Golf Green Hall Jaywick's popular annual fayre, included face painting, entertainment, homemade cakes and the Jaylympics.
The Jaylympics was a free and family fun event which invited people of all ages to 'come and try' a sporting activity. It took place in Crossways Park, activities for 2011 included volleyball, football, speedkicks, yoga, mini-athletics, and displays from local dance troupes and Clacton judo team. All ages and abilities were welcome. The Jaylympics was organised by Coastnet and the Jaywick Summer Fayre committee.
This was a great family event which was a real success. We hope to see you at next years event.
Summer CampC-Net Creative Summer Camp.
25-29 July 2011
Clacton Carnival goes European!
A free workshop making Jaywick's float for the Clacton Carnival. The children had a great time with making float decorations, costume designing and flag making.
The team came back together to walk the carnival on 13 August 2011 and won three prizes including best float in the community/charity organisation category.
The free creative workshops was hosted by Coastnet artist Bryony Graham.
Clacton Carnival 2011C-Net Creative Easter Camp
11-14 April 2011
Flights of Fancy for Future Floats!
Local children helped create designs for carnival floats. The ideas were explored further in the summer of 2011 when a second workshop was held to build a float to represent Jaywick in the Clacton Carnival. The theme of the carnival was European therefore the children explored ideas to represent each European country including flags, costumes, food and transport.
The free creative workshops was hosted by Coastnet artist Bryony Graham.
Spring Talks
April 2011
The 2011 spring talks began with local Essex Wildlife Trust warden Bob Seago, where he discussed our local environment and what we expect to see in spring. Other popular talks included, The Lynmouth Flood of 1952, History of Colchester part two and Who's Afraid of Conceptual Art.
Tattered Outlaws of History
2 April - 21 August 2011
Tattered Outlaws is an installation of films that imaginatively reconnects the Martello Towers of North County Dublin.
Photographer Dan Dubowitz and choreographer Fearghus O’Conchuir drew on their shared interest in architecture and the body to explore the place these iconic military towers occupy in the landscape and in the psyche of their coastline communities.
Tattered Outlaws of History was installed at Jaywick Martello Tower as the first of a two-part exhibition by Dubowitz and O’Conchuir. The exhibition was originally commissioned by Fingal County Council and shown in the disused Skerries Martello Tower in Ireland.
The second part of the exhibition, ‘If the Invader Comes’ was the final commission from the ‘Fleet: Art in the Haven Ports’ programme.
If the Invader ComesIf the Invader Comes
In 2010, Dubowitz and O'Conchuir were commissioned to make a new project developing the ideas explored in 'Tattered Outlaws of History' with a residency at Jaywick Martello Tower.
The second part of the exhibition was installed at the Tower in June 2011. If the Invader Comes, was in response to the East England's coast of Martello Towers. It ran in dialogue with Tattered Outlaws of History.
The installation took form as a three screen display. As the film developed the character of the tower emerges in the watcher and his dance with shadows. The viewer is invited to indentify with the watcher and to share his experience.
Please download your free children's activity sheet to accompany the project.
Teacher's can also download a free resource pack explaining the work.
JMT200 Comemorative TextileJMT200 Commemorative Textile Project
JMT is celebrating its bicentenary this year, and to help celebrate, JMT received a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The award is being used to help people to learn more about this valuable historical building and other Martello Towers along the East Coast of England, through a series of fun historical events and educational activities for the local and wider community.
As part of the celebrations a group of local enthusiasts started to work with textile artist Vanessa Rolf in February 2010 and began the JMT200 Commemorative Textile Project.
The project began by inviting people to contribute their photographs, postcards, historical facts and personal stories about Jaywick. Vanessa also visited Year Six students at Frobisher School, where the school children helped to think about the composition and colours of the designs.
Using these designs and personal memories, six textile panels outlining the history of the Tower and Jaywick were designed and created by the group. The artworks used an embroidery technique called appliqué, where fabric shapes are cut and sewn on to a base cloth. Details were then added using decorative stitches. All the sewing was done by hand and took many hours to complete over the duration of eight months of workshops at the Tower.
The exhibition of the finished project opened at JMT on 6 January 2011 and ran until 27 March 2011, after which it embarks upon a tour; Essex Records Office 8th May until end of June, Landguard Fort, 12th July until 6th September and Colchester Library, 26th September until 25th October 2011.
To see a record of the textiles being created you can visit the project blog at www.jaywickmartellotower200.blogspot.comJulian Stockwin
Julian Stockwin - Essex Book Festival 2011
The master of naval fiction Julian Stockwin entertained the audience with his tales of Commander Thomas Kydd from his eleventh novel Victory.
Julian joined the Royal Navy when he was fourteen and went on to serve for eight years with the Royal Australian Navy, seeing active service with a carrier task force. He was one of the survivors of the collision between the aircraft Melbourne and the destroyer Voyager, which sank taking the lives of eighty-two men. Julian retired a Lieutenant Commander. He now lives in Devon with his wife Kathy, writing and travelling the world on location research.
Vintage Mobile Cinema BusThe Vintage Mobile Cinema Bus
5th February 2011
Firstsite teamed up with the East Anglian Film Archive, the Digital Heritage Project, Moving Image, Wivenhoe and The Vintage Mobile Cinema Company to bring a unique slice of cinema and automotive history to Jaywick.
People came along to a free screening of archive footage - a fascinating look back at twentieth century Essex.
One World, One Essex Exhibition
6th - 28th November 2010
This touring exhibition looked at a mix of different stories from seven communities living in Essex, their journeys, lives and experiences.
For centuries people have migrated to Essex. Almost everyone who lives in Essex has come from another land or culture. You could desend from Roman invaders or their families and slaves or Anglo-Saxons or Normans or even Dutch. Your family could have come here in more recent times from one of the countries that were part of the British Empire. Whatever your families journey, you are here.
The diversity of people from around the world has created colourful communities, which are ever growing and changing and with it so it is the heritage and stories of Essex.
Part of the Explore Culture One World Festival. One World championed everything that’s amazing about Essex and the way its people, diversity and traditions have formed its culture. The festival is part of the county’s contribution to the Cultural Olympiad as part of the London 2012 Games legacy in Essex.
The Big DrawThe Big Draw with Coastnet
Saturday 23rd October 2010
The BIG Draw was conceived by The Campaign for Drawing who have one simple aim… to get everyone drawing. Events took place across the world in over twenty countries and ‘I can’t draw’ was no excuse! Many people dropped in and joined CoastNet artist Bryony Graham and Jaywick’s resident artist Coralina Cattrell who were ready to instruct and inspire with coastal creativity. A giant Jaywick Drawing and coastal collage was created and inspired by the sounds, shapes, smells and sights of the seaside.

Autumn Talks
October 2010
Our highly popular talks series returned with a variety of interest subjects such as Stroke: From Wheelchair to Windsurfer, Weeley Barracks, 1793 – 1820, A Brief History of British Fortifications and The History of Colchester, part one.
Tendring Local History Fair
Tendring Local History Fair - A Journey Through Time
West Cliff Theatre and St. James Church Hall, Tower Road, Clacton-on-Sea.
Saturday 2nd October 2010
The Clacton and District Local History Society held a local history fair to celebrate their 25 anniversary.
The Friends of Jaywick Martello Tower were happy to have a stall at the fair with the other Tendring history groups. JMT Historian David Neame gave a talk on 'The Leaning Tower of Jaywick' using his research from the National Archives.
Also at the Fair was a special appearance of the Clacton Queen Steam Roller and a series of short lectures throughout the day took place in the West Cliff Theatre, guess speakers included Norman Jacobs, Vic Miller, Roger Kennell plus many more.

The fair was opened by Dave Monk of BBC Essex.
Jaywick by Fabien Rigobert
1st - 30th September 2010

Fleet commission by artist in residence Fabien Rigobert.
Between May and September 2010, Fabien had undertaken research and spoke with many people in Jaywick, a community still haunted by the tragic floods of 1953. This episode is never far from people's minds. Along with the potential threat of climate change and rising sea levels, recent consultation has proposed limitations to maintaining flood defences and restrictions on new house building on land at risk of flooding in the future.
Fabien set up a photographic shoot and produced a series of animated images manipulated and developed into a narrative sequence using bespoke software. He said, "I am not setting out to make a reconstruction of the disaster of 1953, rather I am making a work for today, suggesting the aftermath of a new, fictional flood." The work made both a historical reference and allude to contemporary issues of climate change and what this means for communities like Jaywick.

Historical Maritime SocietySea the Tower
Featuring the Historical Maritime Society
Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th August 2010
The Historical Maritime Society brought back Nelsons Navy to life at Jaywick Martello Tower. Costumed re-enactors present popular musket firing demonstrations twice a day.
Their was plenty of free art and crafts for people of all ages to join in with, French knitting, embroidery, origami and colouring in.
The JMT200 Community Commemorative Textile Project displayed their work in progress and gave a chance for the public to see the six textile panels being worked upon and meet the artists and community group.
Jaywick Mini Film Festival
Wednesday 18 to Sunday 22 August 2010
August 2010 saw JMT's first film festival. All films linked to Essex and local issues. Highlights include the outdoor screening of archive footage collected by artists Nina Pope and Karen Gutherie.
Outdoor screeningFree outdoor Films & Food
Somewhere is making a documentary about Jaywick, due to be realeased in 2011. Over 100 people joined them for free food and drink, plus a sneak preview of new footage and rare historic films of Jaywick, which was spectacularly projected on to the walls of Jaywick Martello Tower. It gave a chance to the public to bring along any old films or videos that they have, and find out more about how these could be archived safely for for posterity. The event was filmed for the artists documentary.
Commissioned by Animate Projects, Coastcards are three short films about seaside towns undergoing regeneration.
SignalsMade in Essex
The best of the short films from the 2010 Made in Essex Film Festival. Films are about Essex or made by people from Essex.
Featured films:
Turning The Tides by Sorcha Anglim - 6 mins
A young boy moves to a seaside town with only a red ball for company. A mysterious girl in a yellow raincoat transforms his lonely landscape into a world of imagination and wonder.
The Reason I Collect by Emma Curtis - 4 mins
An animation illustrating the life of a compulsive collector. This film found objects for this quirky stop motion animation that has had great success worldwide. This film also won the audience award at Signals Media Arts Centres ‘Made in Essex' film festival in June.
The Capgras Tide by Adam Hutchings - 15 mins
A man wakes from a coma convinced that an impostor has replaced his father. In an attempt to prove his theory he uncovers a shocking truth. Shot in Essex, this atmospheric drama has played at some big festivals around the world.
Mixtape by Luke Snellin - 3 mins
Ben makes a mixtape to try and woo the girl next door.
Winner of Virgin Media Shorts 2009 and nominated for the Best Short Film BAFTA.
Milk Man by James Rumsey - 15mins
A neurotic voyeur's late night quest for a carton of milk forces him to confront what he is capable of. What will this mean for his future and the girl next door?
My Home is my Shoes by Debbie Anzalone - 3 mins
Will was born in Detroit and has lived in England for fifty years, not only an octogenarian, but also one of the best tap dancers in town. Made for Channel 4's Three Minute Wonder, this short documentary is a treat.

All these films were shown on the 5th of June as part of the Made in Essex film festival. The festival was put together by Signals Media Arts Centre.
Signals is based in Colchester and offers opportunities to learn about and make media:
Starter for Ten (cert 15)
Staring James McAvoy and filmed in Jaywick, this story tells of a scholarship boy from seaside Essex with a love of knowledge trying out for University Challenge. Booking is required.Living with the Tudors
Living with the Tudors
Nina Pope and Karen Gutherie spent four years participating as Tudor re-enactors at Kentwell Hall in Suffolk. The film meets the volunteers who spend their summer holidays re-creating sixteenth holidays re-creating sixteenth-century English life.
Coastal Open
Jaywick Martello Tower Coastal Open
August 2010
Jaywick's first open exhibition was hailed a success with over 100 pieces of work displayed in two Jaywick community venues, Jaywick Martello Tower and St. Christoper's Church.
Free workshops took place at JMT every Saturday during the exhibition. The workshops were present by three artists who featured in the exhibit and covered papermaking, impressionist painting and a demonstration of spinning.
ESOAPart of Essex Summer of Art, a county wide showcase of art trails and open studios.
Jaywick Summer FayreJaywick Summer Fayre
Sunday 18 July 2010
The annual summer fayre organised by local residents was held around Brookland Gardens and inside the Jaywick Community Resource Centre. Many people joined us for popular entertainment, face painting, homemade cakes plus many fun activities.
All proceeds raised will be donated to local voluntary organisations.
Sarah Dobai's Fleet CommissionFleet: Art in the Haven Ports
July 2010
Sarah Dobai was appointed as artist in residence at Jaywick Martello Tower in November 2009.
The residency involved inviting local residents to participate in a portrait based film project. An open casting session resulted in over 70 local people turning up over a three-day period interested in being involved in the project. Following a camera test and interview a long list of 15 people were invited to rehearsals held in the Princes Theatre, Clacton. A short list of six people took part in the final shoot at the theatre involving local people not only as actor/models but on the film crew as well.
The presentation at Jaywick Tower focused on close-up portraits of local participants involved in the project.
The artist, who works with the portraiture in photography and film is concerned with the relationship between the portrait and the site of the tower. As she says; "a portrait is about the relationship between the subject, the camera and the viewer; it's about that dynamic of looking and being looked at which is also an aspect of the everyday experience of public spaces".
At Jaywick Martello Tower she was particularly concerned to draw out the relationship between the dynamic of the portrait and the nature of the tower. As Dobai says; "the architecture and position of the martello towers along the coast of southern and eastern Britain were built with a defensive purpose but now that function has receded they seem to be more abstractly about the reflective nature of looking-out to sea".
The projection screen and monitor used still and moving images accompanied by a specially composed soundscape takes sound from the film shoot mixed with atmospheric sound that refers to the location of the tower itself.
Clacton Concert OrchestraClacton Concert Orchestra Coffee Afternoon
Sunday 4 July 2010
Clacton Concert Orchestra, which is based in Clacton-on-sea, was founded in 1966 and gives some four or five concerts a year in the Tendring area. CCO performed a wide range of music to suit all tastes from classical and light orchestral music to selections from popular musicals. This was the first CCO concert in a Martello Tower.
CCO is a non-profit making Registered Charity and the donatations raised at the coffee afternoon were given to local charities and good causes, thus returning much needed funds to the community.
Sarah DobaiFleet: Art in the Haven Ports
Sunday 4 July 2010
Artist Talk by Sarah Dobai
Fleet artist in residence Sarah Dobai presented a talk about her forthcoming exhibition at Jaywick Martello Tower starting on Wednesday 14th July 2010.
Gavin turkFleet: Art in the Haven Ports
Saturday 3 July 2010
'Les Bikes de Bois Rond' by Gavin Turk.
The 26 mile bike ride was led by Gavin Turk, famous for being one of the young British artists. It started at Jaywick Martello Tower after a continental breakfast, and finished at Harwich. The event was in association with Sustrans
Mervyn Stutter
An Evening with Mervyn Stutter
Sunday 13 June 2010
Mervyn brought the tour of his critically acclaimed one-man show of comedy and song to JMT. The Tower laughed out loud and enjoyed his show tremendously.
Mervyn is a comedian, musician, actor, singer and scritpwriter. His one man show has fast become a favourite with Essex audiences.
Fleet Talk
Fleet: Art in the Haven PortsSaturday 12 June 2010
Artist-filmmaker Sarah Dobai uses documentary techniques and fictional scenarios to explore people and places. Sarah talked about her latest project during her residency at JMT.
Fabien Rigobert, an acclaimed artist photographer from France, also artist in residence at JMT as part of Fleet was present. Fabien talked about his ideas for the residency.
Fleet on Foot
Saturday 12 June 2010
The 4 mile circular walk from Jaywick to colne point illustrated the local natural environment of Jaywick and St. Osyth. The group met at Jaywick Martello Tower where local nature warden Bob Seago led walk.
Princes Theatre Youth Company Workshops
June 2010
Working together the company looked into all the interesting and dramatic things that have happened at the Tower over the years. They then devised some music, songs and plays and brought the history of the Tower to life. On the final day they staged a performance for friends and family.
Free Spring Talks
March - April 2010
This series of free talks included:
DNA and Facial Recognition, Essex Coastal Trade in the 1800s, Newcomers to Essex and History Through the Sea Shanty. Two JMT200 specials were added to the series to help celebrate the bicentenary of Jaywick Martello Tower, Roger Kennell with The Martello Towers of the Essex Coast and Richard Woodman pesented Martello Towers and the Napoleonic Threat. The JMT200 project is funded by the Hertage Lottery Fund.
Essex Book FestivalRichard Woodman - Essex Book Festival March 2010
Saturday 13th March 2010
Captain Woodman, Essex historian and novelist, brought to life the Napoleonic era as seen in his Nathaniel Drinkwater novels.

Free Autumn Talks
October 2009
This series of the popular annual talks included;
Saxon Settlement in Coastal Essex, The History of Witchcraft in Essex, Essex Railways in the 20th Century, Life the universe and everything and Nicholas Ashton from the British Museum gave further insite into early essex man.
Trafalgar Day at JMTTrafalgar Day at JMT
Featuring the Historic Maritime Society
17th October 2009
The Historic Maritime Society was at Jaywick Martello Tower to mark the 204th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.
The Society presented a picture of the true nature of life at sea in the Royal Navy of Nelson's time. Costumed re-enactors presented a series of free short talks on a variety of topics as well as displaying costumes, weapons, navigational instruments and other items of the period. Talks and displays covered topics including signalling (how did Nelson send the famous "England expects... " message?), how the navy was fed and watered, how ships were navigated, the role of the Royal Marines and how ships were maintained and repaired at sea.
Circle of HappinessA Somewhere Exhibition by Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope, for Jaywick Escapes
16th September – 4th October 2009
Karen Guthrie & Nina Pope presented an exhibition to demonstrate ideas from their 'Jaywick Escapes' project - part of Essex County Council's Jaywick Parklands Feasibility Study, looking at how green spaces in and around the village of Jaywick can be transformed in the future. The exhibition used a variety of displays to highlight native and cultivated plants successfully growing in the locale, integrating many exhibits contributed by local people. They hope it reflected some of the aspects of Jaywick's unique visual identity and encouraged visitors to review their own notions of gardens and gardening.
A roof garden was constructed at the tower chiefly using potted planting. This 'show garden’ used native plants and allowed seating areas to be retained, and access to the lookout balcony for viewing.
Jason SalkeyTaking the Tower: A Living History Experience
Featuring the 95th Rifles Re-enactment Society

12th – 13th September 2009
Jaywick Martello Tower had launched its 200th birthday celebrations with a bang when the 95th Rifles Re-enactment Society staged a Living History Experience on the 12th and 13th September 2009. The Rifles and their associated regiments arrived on the Friday from all over the county and set up their authentic Napoleonic period style camp. One very special guest was Jason Salkey who played Rifleman Harris in the popular Sharpe TV series staring Sean Bean.
On Saturday the scene was set to take Jaywick back in time to 1809 when Napoleon's naval and armed forces were gathering at the port of Boulogne in France to begin the crossing to invade this country. Only the Royal Navy were there at the time to stop them by blockading the port with English warships. The English governement feared the worse and instructed their Taking the Towermilitary Generals to arrange for installation of three large cannons on the roofs of all the constructed East Coast Martello Towers including Tower C in Jaywick.
Luckily at the time the English forces successfully blocked the invasion. However at Taking the Tower the 95th Rifles demonstrated just what might have happened in Jaywick if the French forces had landed on English shores. Many local people were dressed in period costume and joined in the fun.
Golden Oldies Winners with Judge Douglas CarswellJaywick Summer Fayre
26th July 2009
Brooklands Gardens and Jaywick Sands Community Resource Centre
The second Jaywick Summer Fayre was held at its new home Brooklands Gardens. The fayre was bigger and better than last year. There was over thirty stallholders and games galore. The Hog Roast proved particularly popular. Cream teas and sandwiches were served inside the community centre.
There was plenty for the kids to do with bouncy castles and plenty of childrens' games as well as face painting and slippery slides. For the over sixties there was the 'Golden Oldies' competition. The winners represented Jaywick at the Clacton Carnival on August 8th 2009.
Proceeds will once again go to local voluntary organisations.
Spirit of JaywickSpirit of Jaywick Exhibition at JMT
April - August 2009
The Spirit of Jaywick exhibition was created by Gillian Townsend and Judith Wolton and was proved very popular with visitors with over 4000 people visiting the beautiful display of art photography and poetry. The exhibition reflected a wide variety of aspects of Jaywick including the coastal environment and beach. Using poetry and creative writing local people had written about their views and feelings for their community. Below are some of the comments from our visitors.
"Lovely exhibition, really enjoyed visiting the tower."
"Excellent exhibition, nicely laid out."
"Very impressed by the poetry."
"What a wonderful, inventive, unique and modern way to utlize an historic building, to express one's feelings and pride of their local community."
"A wonderful rennovation of a Martello Tower, now put to use as a fascinating exhibition centre. A great surprise to stumble across something that is so interesting and free of charge!"
"Very interesting lovely views and it is great its free. Jaywick is lovely place for walks and its lovely to see all beautiful things and nice place to stay all year round and we would like to hear more about history of it."
"The exhibition is very interesting and wonderfully collected."
Free Spring Talks
March - May 2009
Some highlights of JMT weekly Spring Talks 2009 included;
Essex Railways in the 19th Century, Harwich Redoubt, A Trip Round the Walton Backwaters, Coastal Erosion and Scenery and a visit to St Osyth church with local historian Mark Roberts.
 Chinese Dance By The Sea image
Chinese Dance Demonstration and Workshop
14 December 2008
A taste of the Orient came to the seaside when Chinese dance artist Sin-man Yue, and musician Zeng-hui Qiu performed at JMT as part of the Essex-Jiangsu festival. The two artists demonstrated traditional Chinese dance and ran three workshops during the day-long event for those keen to learn some traditional Chinese performance art.
Arcadia Revisted
Commissioned by LANS for Essex County Council, with funding from Arts Council England East, Essex County Council’s Genius Loci programme, it was a collaboration between Alex Murdin and David Cotterell.
The project set out to engage with the community, and provide new information to be used by regeneration professionals to inform the future development of the area by developing creative research on new possibilities for leisure and tourism in a coastal context. Out of this came the Jaywick Tourist Board, developed as a response to this unique location. Consisting of a number of “psycho-geographic” tours on the internet and as an audio tour, it features the voices of local people and documentary photography of the village’s architecture and surrounding landscape. Tours are offbeat and blend both fact and fiction, making a note of things that have happened in Jaywick and things that might have happened in another place and time, fleeting impressions of travel and movement. The overall objective is to get people, both residents and visitors, to see Jaywick with new eyes and thinking about new futures for the community.
46 Brooklands Gardens46 Brooklands Gardens
Summer 2008 – Spring 2009
JMT worked in collaboration with firstsite in Colchester on an art commissioning programme with the aim of inviting local people to engage with issues relating to contemporary art, and enabling an artist of international standing to enter a dialogue with a unique place and audience.
Nathan Coley was invited to make a work in a location of his choice in Essex, and after several tours of the county he found his response to Jaywick was the most immediate and potentially fruitful, and in particular he was interested in making a work in Brooklands.
Colchester-based artist Clare Iles was commissioned to work with Nathan and residents while developing her own practice. Having previously worked in Jaywickm, and building on her long-held interest in, and affection for the town, Clare was based in Brooklands over the summer of 2008. She slept outside using furniture she had made herself, and met residents on an informal basis to learn about the area and its people.
Nathan’s work, 46 Brooklands Gardens, was designed and installed on site at the beginning of November 2008 and was in place until February 2009. Residents and Friends of Brooklands and the Friends of JMT were closely involved in the development of the project and the construction of the installation. A series of events were also held during the winter to explore some of the ideas and inspirations for Nathan's work.
During the installation there were opportunities to visit JMT where documentary resources about the project were on display. By re-creating the form of an informal sitting area, visitors were able to browse through publications about some of Nathan's previous works, watch a short documentary film, ask questions and discuss the installation at 46 Brooklands Gardens. Some residents disliked the installation while others were inspired by Nathan’s work, including Ian Burit, who wrote a poem in response to Nathan’s previous work.
The project was funded by firstsite, Henry Moore Foundation and Essex County Council.

Free Autumn Talks
September - November 2008
Autumn 2008 popular free talks included;
The East Coast Floods of 1953, The Strange Story of Food, The Napoleonic Artillerymen, The Story of the Universe and Jill Cook from the British Museum gave insight into Jaywick and the Earliest Human Settlement in Britain.
Jaywick Summer Fayre 2008Jaywick Summer Fayre
2nd August 2008
JMT, the Martello Beach Caravan Park and a Working Group of local residents held a Summer Fayre around the Tower in August 2008. The Fayre was in part a recreation of the Jaywick 1934 Carnival including a Classic Car show, a Jazz Band, traditional carnival games and attractions. Jaywick organizations collaborated with the local community to put on the event which was hailed as a great success. Over 1500 attended the event, with profits donated to local community organizations. There was twinning ceremony during the day between Studd Hill in Kent and Jaywick. Both villages were built by the Stedman family and have numerous similarities including the same road names.
Leaving a Legacy
February - June 2008, (internet resource is ongoing)
Students from Bishops Park College and Colbayns High School collaborated with Triggerset, one of the UK's leading Video DJ collectives, to create a celebration of the Jaywick community through music, video and photography. Materials produced by the students during workshops held at the tower, including oral history interviews with local residents which were exhibited in an interactive exhibition at the Tower from April to June 2008.
Free Spring Talks
February - March 2008
JMT's Spring Talks 2008 included;
The building of the Martello Towers, The Jaywick Miniature Railway, The Flora and Fauna of St Osyth and Jaywick, The Development of Dot's Newsagents in Jaywick and The Napoleonic Wars From the British Perspective.
 Victorian Christmas Fair
Victorian Christmas Craft Fair
16 December 2007
Father Christmas was in attendance giving out free presents for every child. Residents sold seasonal produce and gifts, and some also dressed in Victorian costume for the occasion. Local businesses supplied raffle prizes and Frobisher Primary School made all the Christmas decorations. Seasonal music and a key board player added to the atmosphere and refreshments were available all day. Over 150 people attended the event.
October 2007 to March 2008
Essex artist Rob Smith showed an environmentally responsive video installation called 'WINDscale' at Jaywick Martello Tower. An anemometer constantly measured the speed of the wind, and this data was linked to a computer controlled video that responded to the changes in wind speed.
Rob Smith’s project made connections between real environmental conditions and the images that were produced, which presented an ephemeral image that was itself affected by the random effects of the wind over a period of time.
Jaywick was the first location for this project which was developed over one year to connect with venues in Shanghai, the Artsway in the New Forest, Hackney Wick and Southampton.
This project was supported by Arts Council England, Essex County Council, SCAN, Artsway, Space Media. Rob Smith is part of Escalator Visual Arts, an initiative by Arts Council England, East to support talented artists in the area.
See Rob Smiths’ website for more information
Cross FadeCross Fade
October - December 2007
Using material from the Clean Slate event during the summer of 2007 (where visitors to Jaywick Martello Tower were encouraged to create their own artworks about what Jaywick means to them) local artist Rosemary Mackinder responded to some of these contributions by creating new and exciting artworks.
Using our three themes of Community, Heritage and Environment, Rosemary explored the richness of the original material, while interpreting the perspectives that led to these creative and spontaneous contributions. While some examples were chosen to be exhibited simply as they were drawn or written, other works were incorporated into Rosemary's own personal responses for her exhibition.

Friends of Brooklands Anniversary ShowcaseFriends of Brooklands Anniversary Showcase
27 October 2007
Organised by the Friends of Brooklands to commemerate their first anniversary, celebrate their achievements in Jaywick in 2007 and to showcase the strong community cohesion that exists locally. The FOBs worked in partnership with other local organisations includeing Hutley's Caravan Park, Park Resorts, The Green Team and the Jaywick Gardening Club, Jaywick Local Historical Society, Tudor Residents Association, Signpost, Brooklands Classics, Interaction and the Community Wardens and Bishops Park College. Over 300 visitors attended on the day. Part of the proceeds went towards setting up a fund to continue community programming at the Tower.
The event highlighted the roles of each organisation and a representative was available to explain further the work that is being done in Jaywick. Two films were also shown on the Tower's large screen: ITV's East Coast Arcadia , and Karen Whitread's Jaywick Rocks.

Jaywick Carnival Queen 1934Memory Day
30 September 2007
JMT invited the community to bring forward any photographs, postcards, posters - any images that can be scanned to start creating a Digital Archive. We encourage interested people to assist in the creation of a digital Community Archive, by gathering still and moving images and audio materials.

Workshop with Linda ArkleyWorkshops with Linda Arkley
August 2007
Linda Arkley ran a series of fun and exciting workshops throughout August 2007 for families and young people in partnership with Jaywick Martello Tower.
In the Old and New Perspectives workshop, participants explored Jaywick's past and present by creating their own postcard collage, using a wide range of media, including digital printouts and found objects.
The Cultural Trail workshop inspired participants to find out more about the heritage of the Martello Towers. Activities included: comparing the architectural details of Jaywick's Tower with that of other towers along the east coast, and creating 3D models of a Martello Tower from recycled materials, then placing the model onto a large scale, hand drawn map of the east coast.
Linda Arkley, artist and workshop leader said: "I wanted to create workshops that tied together the themes of JMT: community, heritage and environment. Inspired by William Steven's collection, families and young people created their own postcards made from the natural environment."
 Something to Sing About
Something to Sing About
July 2007 - April 2008
William Stevens, a local amateur historian, with his wife Pam, have collected over 200 postcards of Jaywick. These early images celebrate a sense of place that is still evident in Jaywick today. A selection was on show at the Tower, as part of a rich archive of historic material being preserved for the community.

Clean Slate imageClean Slate
July-September 2007
An exhibition created by the residents of Jaywick and summer visitors to the area. It started with 17 blank canvases, a box full of paints, brushes, pens and pencils as a chance for visitors to express thoughts and images of their community using the three themes of Heritage, Environment and Community. Over a period of twelve weeks over 2000 visitors contributed to the exhibition which later formed the basis for 'Cross Fade'.



Jaywick RocksJaywick Rocks
Jaywick Rocks was a film made by artist Karen Lois Whiteread in Summer 2006. Karen spent the summer holidays talking to and filming people in Jaywick to find out what was special to them about the place they choose to live or holiday in. Over 100 people were involved in the project, resulting in over 20 hours of footage for editing. Jaywick residents expressed through their own words, their enthusiasm for their community and deep sense of their own history.