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Days Like These is a new art project taking place in Jaywick Sands between September 2018 and February 2019, that you can take part in.

Artists Close and Remote (Sophie Mellor and Simon Poulter) will be exploring your Jaywick places of beauty using watercolours and virtual reality to create the world’s first '360 Degree Watercolour Virtual Reality Tour of Jaywick Sands'. You suggest somewhere and they will add it to the list of places to paint.

They will be running watercolour workshops on Saturdays during September and October (limited numbers - please book in advance), inviting local residents to get out and about in Jaywick's natural environment to practise and develop their watercolour skills. The artists will also be inviting residents to record the sounds of Jaywick and work with them to create a Jaywick Sands soundtrack. 

You can get involved in the project in a number of ways:

  • Share your Jaywick Sands places of beauty 
  • Come along to the watercolour workshops to learn or improve your watercolour painting skills
  • Work with the artists to record the sounds of Jaywick and learn how to edit and mix the sounds using Ableton Live software.



The project will culminate in an exhibition of Close and Remote's 360 degree watercolours (both physically and virtually), and the groups watercolours, at Jaywick Martello Tower in March 2019. 

Interested in finding out more and/or joining the Days Like These Watercolour Group? email the artists at 

More info on the artists at and you can contact the artists directly with any questions at