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Hannah StagemanWeeds - Undervalued Plants of Jaywick

Saturday 4 March – Sunday 23 April

Often described as ‘a plant in the wrong place’, weeds are much undervalued, sometimes considered ugly, and generally unloved. Yet for all the negative press weeds receive, they can prove to be highly useful and have medicinal properties. Weeds are also recipients of common names that vary from community to community. Lotus corniculatus, for example, has also been given names such as Eggs and Bacon, Devil’s Fingers, Ground Honey Suckle, and Grandma’s Toes. These names reflect the different ways we look at weeds.

For her exhibition at Jaywick Martello Tower, artist Hannah Stageman researched the weeds that live around the tower. Selecting ten weeds in particular, she canvassed the public in order to discover the common names they knew the weeds by. She has reproduced the weeds as prints with the size of each edition being determined by the number of names collected. In this way she invites us to reconsider our community’s relation with these undervalued plants and see them under a whole new light.

Spring Talks

Admission: £2 per person or book all five for only £8. Includes complimentary refreshments.

Friday 3 March, 11am - Aromatherapy - The Herbals

Tina Mason returns to cover some of the common and not so common herbs, what they are used for and how to use them safely. An interactive talk with opportunity to smell the oils.

Friday 10 March, 11am - Colne Point

Explore the local landscape and wildlife with Essex Wildlife Trust Warden Bob Seago will give an illustrated talk of the wildlife on Colne Point reserve.

Friday 17 March, 11am - Dig4Jaywick Community Garden

Pride of Tendring winners Dig4Jaywick will talk about the development of the community garden, activities taking place, community involvement and the produce grown there.

Friday 24 March, 11am - You Are Hear in Jaywick: sound and a sense of place

What can listening to the sounds of the past tell us about the places we inhabit today? How might this change your perception of Jaywick, Essex, and beyond? Sarah-Joy Maddeaux, Archivist at the Essex Record Office will offer a preview of the material on the touring audio-video kiosk coming to Jaywick Martello Tower in April. You are Hear is a Heritage Lottery Funded project.

Friday 31 March, 11am - The Maltsters Tale: Mastery of Water Wind and Fire

Once there were one or more malt houses in almost every village in East Anglia. Malt and water are the basic raw materials of beer and malt whisky, and malt has been made from grain for thousands of years. Ivor Murrell, Master Maltster, and the last traditional floor maltster in Suffolk, will talk about the Art and Mystery of Malting -- those empiric skills using water, air and fire.



Botanical Printmaking

Saturday 1 April, 11am-3pm

Free drop in family fun workshop.

Use 'hot glue gun weed motifs' such as ones of Scottish Thistle, common Poppy and Queen Anne's Lace as seen in Hannah Stageman's exhibition, to block print, stamp and stencil your own botanical print artwork.


Cast Plaster Wonder Weeds!

Tuesday 4 April, 10am-1pm

Free Creative workshops for young people (8-16yrs). 12 bookable places only therefore booking in advance is essential.

Capture the wild and ethereal nature of the weeds found living in the grounds of the Tower by creating a unique delicate plaster cast of them.


Creative Net

First Wednesday of every month, 11am-1pm

Free Creative workshops for adults, each session looks at a new craft or art form.

Refreshments, material and creative conversations provided.

Wednesday 5 April - An Introduction to Needle Felting

Colchester S&B Creative will introduce the basic principles of Needle Felting and will aim to make felted beads and shapes to for jewellery.


Hapa Zome - The Art of Flower and Leaf Pounding!

Saturday 8 April, 11am-3pm

Free drop in family fun workshop.

Meaning 'Leaf-dye' in Japenesem Hapa Zome is the centeries old art of beating leaves and flowers with hammers to pound their natural pigment into cloth. Create your own unique Hapa Zome pigment picture.


Wet-in-Wet Jaywick Weed Watercolours

Tuesday 11 April, 10am-1pm

Free Creative workshops for young people (8-16yrs). 12 bookable places only therefore booking in advance is essential.

Choosing one of the ten Jaywick weeds as seen in the exhibited prints, create your stunning wet-in-wet Jaywick weed watercolour.


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