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1950s Fashion: A Decade of Glamour 
Wednesday 3 July - Sunday 18 August

From the dazzling dresses of the Paris couture houses to the ready to wear styles of Marks and Spencer; this exhibition, by Epping Forrest District Museum, explores both every day and the extraordinary fashions of the 1950s. Keep an eye out for special events with this exhibition, it a great one for memory lane enthusiasts.

Let's Roll!  
Sunday 28 July, 10am-3pm
Let's Roll @ Jaywick Martello (Dice) Tower!

Don't be bored and join us for this board games event for adults!

On the last Sunday of every month Simon Wigley warmly welcomes folks from Clacton and surrounding areas to Jaywick Martello Tower; bringing together people who are interested in board games and roleplaying and are within walking/bus distance of each other.

From Catan to Power Grid this games event is suitable for everyone with a passion for board games and roleplaying: no experience required just an enthusiasm to learn! 

More than your average monopoly play-through!



Creative Net

Free workshops on the first Wednesday of every month.

Everybody welcome! Materials, coffee, biscuits and great creative conversations provided.

Wednesday 7 August, 11am-1pm
Join the Tides of Tendring and Mike Klencher who will be running a camera-less photography workshop using analogue techniques. Working with water as an element to create ‘blue print’ images made of either marks drawn on acetate or of objects found on the beach to make a photogram.  


Summer Surge of Tidal Events
July and August

 The Tides of Tendring Project will be hosting a series of family fun and FREE summer events at Jaywick Martello Tower to promote the project, spread awareness on floods safety, and celebrate its opening exhibition! All kindly funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Art on the Beach
Saturday 10 August, Saturday 17 August, Saturday 24 August

Pop up events: all welcome! Join us on the Saturdays in August for some family friendly fun on the beach! We will be getting creative to raise awareness of flooding and the Tides of Tendring events taking place at the Tower throughout the Summer! 

Artist Vikki Walsh will be showing us how to make different types of flowers and leaves from a range of plastic waste, helping us to reduce our impact on the environment, which will end with an art installation at the Tower! 

Join the Packing Shed Theatre Company on an immersive theatrical experience, where you solve the clues, 
crack the codes, and write your own story to find the treasure. 
Many years ago someone dropped a bottle into the sea. Inside there was a message, a cryptic clue that would lead to a treasure. A treasure that could one day save a life, perhaps hundreds of lives, possibly even thousands.

Coastal Photography
Sunday 4 August, Sunday 11 August, Sunday 18 August, Sunday 25 August

Grab your camera or use one of ours and experience the nature of the Jaywick Sands coastline in a whole new light, or even through a new lens! No experience is necessary for these walks which will be led by photographers exploring wildlife and habitats on our ever changing coastline.

Tides of Tendring Exhibition
Wednesday 21 August – Sunday 8 September

This exciting community led exhibition by the Friends of Jaywick Martello Tower and the Tides of Tendring project explores the history of flooding in Tendring and its effects on the local area. The exhibition hopes to raise awareness of the dangers of flooding and prepare those who might be affected by it. With lots of events and talks alongside the exhibition it’s sure to be informative and fun.

Tides Talks

Eco House
Wednesday 21 August, 11am

As part of the Tides of Tendring Exhibition the project welcomes Chris Southhall to Jaywick Martello Tower who will be talking to us about his DIY Eco House. By living in eco houses we can help turn the tide on the negative environmental effects that can cause catastrophic flooding in the area. Find out how Chris uses recycling and self-sufficiency to reduce his environmental impact, you may even want to adopt some of the strategies for yourself!

Moving Coast
Wednesday 28 August, 11am
As part of the Tides of Tendring Exhibition Bob Seago, the warden of the Colne Point Nature Reserve for Essex Wildlife Trust, will be here presenting a talk 'Moving Coast' detailing how flood waters have impacted the habitat in Tendring, including bringing new species to the area.

Redshank House
Friday 30 August, 6pm
Lisa Shell will be here discussing Redshank House, a cork-clad cabin raised above a tidal salt marsh and the technical obstacles to building on the wrong side of the sea wall, in a nature reserve, and on sand. Explaining the ways in which efforts were made to minimise the building's environmental impact and accommodate the existing bird populations.

Canvey Island
Thursday 5 September, 2pm
The 1953 floods were devastating for Jaywick Sands which is well known in this area but the town was not alone in the disaster. Hear how the 1953 flood disaster unfolded and how it affected the people of Canvey as we welcome our new friends from the Canvey Island Community Archive who will be here to give their side of the flooding story.

Seawall Painting
Thursday 22 August

The Tides of Tendring project will be painting a mural on the seawall! Come on down and see its progress throughout the day and maybe even have a go yourself. Inspired by the Seawall Mural at Canvey Island the Tides of Tendring Mural hopes to be a reminder of the dangers of flooding which will slowly fade over time, as we hope the risk of flooding will do too.

Tides of Tendring Heritage Day
Sunday 25 August

Join us for this Tides of Tendring Heritage Day where we will be bringing together our partners from the project to celebrate the coastline! Get involved with art workshops throughout the day, join one of our guided walks with Bob Seago, celebrate history with heritage groups and Canvey Island, learn more about protecting yourself against flooding, and see the reveal for our wonderful flower art installation.

EA Tides4Kids
Thursday 29 August

Kids activities led by Environment Agency. Check out the Turd Tank, play the Grab Bag Slide and the Flood Slide!

Rock the Tower

Tuesdays during term time, 5pm - 8pm.

Rock the Tower is a free music session where beginners or players aged 8-18 yrs are welcome to get involved for the chance to play alongside others in a band! 

The music sessions provided by We Are Music will be held at Jaywick Martello Tower every Tuesday during term time running hourly between 5pm-8pm.

For more information ring 01255 822783 or email


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