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Tides of Tendring


The Friends of Jaywick Martello Tower have received £10,000 of funding from HLF and are hoping to raise awareness of the dangers of flooding in Tendring by researching the history of flooding in the area and promoting through a final exhibition and events the need to be prepared for floods. It looks to explore the resilience and growth of an area affected by historical flooding.

The Tendring community is aware of the devastation that the 1953 flood caused, however, over the years people have started to become complacent about the dangers of flooding due to the more recent flood threats in modern memory not reaching expectations. Jaywick Sands has the second best sea defences in England; the reason for this is because of its long history of flooding. The 1953 floods are heavily associated with the Tendring area however many people do not realise that the flood issues predates it with floods in the 1940s, 1930s and reaching as far back as Anglo Saxon times. The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment by Tendring District Council documents flood issues in Tendring through tidal surges from 1392 onwards. These risks have affected the growth of the area, as it influences planning permission, investment, farming and other industries. It will continue to effect the future of Tendring.

The Friends wish to research the history of floods from Anglo Saxon times through to the modern day which will include recording oral history of the evacuation of the town in December 2014 and February 2017 when the threat of flooding returned once again. Document how it has changed the coastal landscape and community as well as raise awareness of the effect of flooding.

The Friends of Jaywick Martello Tower are looking for volunteer researchers to help on a new exciting project, ‘Tides of Tendring’.

To find out how you can get involved in the project please contact the Friends of Jaywick Martello Tower:

01255 822783 or